Friday, November 2, 2012

Liberals and Conservatives. I am sick of ALL of them

I have always considered myself to be and voted liberal. I still do, but liberals are making it harder and harder for me to believe in them. First, I don't agree with the assertion that "you have the RIGHT to a free cell phone and phone minutes." I don't care what your situation is, or who you are. If you want a cell phone. BUY THE DAMN THING. Why in the blue hell should tax payers give you one??? Second, For those whining that the government should supply you with birth control. WHY????? If you can't afford your own damn birth control maybe the time that you want to spend having sex would be better spent looking for a better job. Or even a job period. The word "entitlement" keeps coming up in this election. It's killing me. The only things you are entitled to in the constitution are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. If you want to fuck freely while talking on a cell phone nobody should pay for it but YOU. Where is the pride in a job well done? What happened to working for a living. An honest days work for an honest days pay. Stop putting your damn hands out and GET A FUCKING JOB. Welfare and "entitlements" are not a career choice. I understand that people need help sometimes. I don't want the social programs to go away. I want some form of checks and balances put in place. When I go to a store and see a family dressed in designer clothes, expensive shoes, and driving a nicer car than I drive paying with a food stamp card, the system is broken. Another big controversy now is drug tests for welfare. Liberals are opposed to this. WHY???? At any time I can be called to take a drug test. If I fail, my paychecks will go away. I really don't want my taxes going to someone who wants to take drugs while fucking freely and talking on a free government cell phone. Republicans. You don't have all the answers. You can't "fix this" in just a few months. I hear Romney going on about creating 12 million jobs. It's NOT the governments place to create jobs. How the fuck does he plan to "create" them? Anyone can say it. I just created 15 million jobs. Believe me? I didn't think so. Believe Romney? If you do you are an idiot. I don't have all the answers. Romney damn sure doesn't have all the answers. It's just a never ending circle of shit. Liberals say republicans are wrong. Republicans say liberals are wrong. Round and around we go. We vote one group in, they fuck up, we vote in the other guys. Something needs to change. Nowhere is it written that only 2 parties can vie for the presidency, but we seem to have accepted that as truth. We need other people and other parties in the spotlight. The deck is stacked against them. We need to restack the deck. It can happen if WE THE PEOPLE demand it. Third party of "fringe" candidates are never allowed to take part in debates, forums, or any of the national spotlights. We need to change this. Stepping down off my soapbox now. I feel better.

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